Why You Should Consider a Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle

November 20th, 2018 by

There are many reasons to consider buying a used car versus a new car, with one of the biggest advantages being saving money. However, reliability is a concern with used autos. If you decide to buy used and want extra peace of mind, a certified pre-owned vehicle is the way to go. Here are some of the most important reasons to consider a certified pre-owned car or truck.

Financial Benefits

One of the biggest reasons to consider a certified pre-owned car or truck is the savings. You can buy a slightly used luxury vehicle for a portion of the cost of buying it brand-new. New cars depreciate the minute they are driven off the lot; this makes a certified pre-owned vehicle a wise investment.


It is true that you can find countless vehicles for budget-friendly prices. However, these vehicles are notorious for being unreliable. However, certified vehicles have passed a rigorous inspection. When you start shopping cars that have been inspected and are certified, you get a vehicle that has passed many strict criteria, such as low mileage and fresh, clean fluids.

Gently Used

When you buy a certified pre-owned vehicle, you are getting something that is gently used, meaning it won’t have a high amount of mileage. Another fantastic advantage of shopping certified pre-owned vehicles is they are often just a few years old and can have less than 37,000 miles on them. All certified pre-owned programs have a maximum age and mileage to ensure the auto is gently used. Many times, these vehicles are lease returns that have been used with specific terms for regular maintenance and general care. These guidelines make the cars ideal for being clean, gently used, and reliable.

History Inspection

Another advantage of buying a certified pre-owned car or truck is its history has been inspected. Cars that have been in major collisions won’t pass the inspection. Therefore, you can avoid a car that may have invisible wear and tear that comes to haunt you. This will vary upon the inspection program, so you will want to make sure to read the fine print of your sales contract.

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