What Should You Always Keep in Your Car

January 12th, 2018 by

We’ve all been here; driving along and suddenly a noise, a smell or even smoke indicates that something isn’t right with our vehicle. While this is upsetting no matter what, we can often mitigate the situation by keeping important supplies and tools in our cars. Make it possible to do simple fixes yourself or make being stranded easier by always keeping these items in your car:

  • Emergency Tire Change/Repair Tools: This kit should include a spare tire, lug wrench, a jack, WD-40, and a tire iron. Not sure how to change a tire? Print this simple guide. For a quicker, temporary fix, you should also have a can of tire sealant. A sturdy pair of gloves to wear while changing the tire should also be included here along with a flashlight.
  • Extra Clothes, Comfortable Shoes and Blankets: More important in the winter, but not a bad idea through the year, extra clothes can come in handy in a variety of situations as can blankets when you’re stranded. Comfortable shoes will keep you from having to hike to a gas station wearing dress shoes when your phone battery is dead.
  • Emergency Food and Water: A good idea for anyone who plans on driving long distance, but especially important if you are going to less well-travelled locales.
  • First Aid Kit: An absolute no brainer. Get a basic kit and periodically restock anything you use up or that expires.
  • A Multi-Function Tool and Duct Tape: If you can’t travel with a certified car repair technician and his entire set of tools, these two things are your next best bet. A multi-function tool can help with a variety of things as can duct tape which can hold car parts together or even be used in certain first aid applications.
  • Car Phone Charger and Solar Phone Charger: It’s getting hard to imagine a place where you can’t just plug your phone in, but there are plenty of stretches of road where it won’t be easy to find one. In this case, a car adapted phone charger can help and, if your car isn’t an option, a solar phone charger can save you.
  • Snow Survival Kit: If you’ve lived in Lebanon, Ohio, then you know winter can get rough. To ensure you don’t get stranded because of snow, you should keep a shovel, snow scraper, extra windshield wiper fluid and something to aid with traction. Several things can help with traction, including kitty litter, an old carpet remnant or sand.

While these things are a good idea to keep in your car in case of an emergency, the best scenario is when there isn’t an emergency to begin with. You can avoid many issues by having a solid, properly functioning car which can often save you time and money in the long run. If your car is at risk of leaving you stranded, check out the Lebanon Chrysler Dodge Jeep Dealership’s inventory of new and pre-owned vehicles. We have sales going all month and great trade in values to make a new and safer car affordable!

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