Tips for Buying A Used Car at the Best Time

March 7th, 2019 by

Tips for Buying a Used Car at the Best Time

Looking for a vehicle often only happens when your current transportation is no longer working. But, if you can time your used auto purchase, you can get a better deal. Used vehicles, just like new vehicles, will fluctuate in price based on the time of year, or even the day of the week in some cases. However, used cars have a few additional considerations as well. To make sure you’re buying your used car at the right time, use these tips:

Think Outside the Season

There are few things more exciting than cruising down the road on a beautiful spring day with the top down on your convertible and the wind in your hair. Unfortunately, everyone knows this and that is why warm weather will show a spike in convertible and other sports car purchases. Higher demand means higher prices.

Instead of buying a new sports car the second beach season starts, consider buying in fall or even winter. Similarly, an SUV offering rugged four-wheel-drive, is likely to be a better deal in summer.

However, it’s important to note, that winter, in general, is better for all car buying – especially in areas where winters are snowy and cold. People are unlikely to want to stand around in a freezing, icy car lot so demand is lower at this time of year. Extreme heat may also impact how many people brave the outdoors.

Shine Light on the Subject

One of the ways used car buying differs from new, is that you have to be extra vigilant in looking for any existing damage on the vehicle. This is why it is recommended that you go used car shopping on a sunny day, preferably during the morning or afternoon.

Overcast or darkened skies can hide imperfections on used vehicles quite easily. While some wear and tear is to be expected on a used car, you never want to drive off the lot without seeing exactly what you’re getting. Buying on a sunny day could save you the trouble of fixing dents, scratches and other issues after a purchase.

Quota Time

It’s no surprise that the majority of salespeople have some kind of quota to fill and this is especially true for car sales. If you can help a salesperson fill a quota near the end of their quota time, they are much more likely to give you a good deal. End of year is the biggest quota deadline, but the end of the week, month or season can also provide extra savings.

Buy Older Models of a Newly Released Model

Yes, all used cars will be older models but if you specifically look for a used car that has recently been redesigned, you could get a good deal. This is because people who bought the older model when it was new, are likely to be ending their leases and trading them in for the new versions.

Holidays and Special Events

Car dealerships love a good sale and holidays make great times to provide savings. The day after Thanksgiving and the final days leading up to Christmas are especially good for deals. If your city has a car show, this can also be a good time to buy as people will be turning in and selling their old vehicles to buy new ones.

Helping you Get the Best Deal

Waiting to get a good deal, especially when you need a car now, is not always an option. This is why, at Lebanon Chrysler Dodge we offer deals and special events on  new and pre-owned vehicles throughout the year. Our knowledgeable team is here to answer questions, take trade ins and more. Stop in or call today!