Should You Wrap or Paint Your Car?

May 8th, 2018 by

If you’ve considered changing the appearance of your car, you’ve likely run into all kind of opinions on which is better: a wrap or paint. The truth is, both have their advantages and which one you use will depend on what kind of appearance you want for your car, how long you want the look to last and the condition of your car before being painted. At Lebanon Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram dealership, we know how important your car is and we’re bringing you the definitive guide to choosing between wraps and paint for your vehicle.

When You Have Damaged Paint

While vinyl wraps can cover a bad paint color, they are not well equipped to mask damaged or flaking paint. To look nice and be effective, wraps are quite thin and any imperfections in your paint are likely to show through or create a textured appearance. Additionally, if your clear coat is weak, a wrap may peel it off when being removed. Therefore, if you have a damaged paint job, you will want to choose a paint no matter the other considerations.

Temporary Vs. Permanent Change

The primary advantage of a vinyl wrap is its ability to be changed easily and leave the underlying paint intact. If, for example, you want to use your car for marketing purposes, it’s unlikely you’ll want this to be a permanent look. A wrap makes a perfect way to advertise a product or service on your vehicle. Race cars also use wraps for this reason.

While wraps can last up to 7 years when taken care of properly, 5 is more likely. This is a considerable amount of time, but paint still offers a more permanent solution if you expect to keep your car for longer.

Special Effects

Along with providing a more temporary solution, wraps also allow for some more artistic options than paint does. Exciting and unique finishes like pearl, color shifting, and chrome are only available from a wrap.

Vinyl for Protecting Your Paint

One potential advantage of a wrap is that it can protect your paint underneath which could also increase your resale value later. However, this is only if the paint underneath is in good condition when the wrap is put on.

A Note on Cost

While a cheap wrap can be done for less than a high-end paint job, a quality wrap will likely cost a similar amount to better paint jobs and vice versa. The one primary exception to this is if you only want one section of your car redone. For example, the roof or hood of a car can typically be wrapped for less than it can be painted.

When Wrapping or Painting Aren’t an Option

If your car has extensive dents, scratches or other damage to the paint, fixing these issues are sometimes simply not worth it. When prep for damage, materials and labor are all factored in, both wraps and paint jobs can cost in the thousands. For an older vehicle, this is unlikely to be a beneficial expense. At this point, it can be far better to just opt for a new car.

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