Safety Tips for Driving on Black Ice and Slippery Conditions

December 23rd, 2018 by

Driving on icy and slippery conditions can be challenging and very dangerous if you don’t take your time to prepare.  Before you leave, take a few minutes to clear your vehicle of all ice and snow so you can see clearly out of all of your windows.  When you begin to drive it is important to drive a reasonable speed so you have enough time to slow down or stop safely.  When you turn or attempting to stop, begin slowing down three times sooner than you normally would.  When changing lanes, steer smoothly to avoid changing lanes abruptly.


Brake very gently to keep your brakes from locking up.  If your brakes do lock up, ease off the brake petal gradually.  If you have an ABS braking system, apply steady pressure.  If you don’t, pump the brake pedal gently.  Do not panic and do not step slam on your brakes.

If you begin to slide, ease your foot off the gas pedal but don’t apply the brakes.  When your tires start to gain traction, slowly turn the steering wheel in the direction that you want the front wheels to head.

Bridges, Overpasses & Shaded Areas

Drop your speed when you approach bridges, overpasses and any areas that are shaded.  The areas can freeze at a more rapid pace, and although other parts of the road are not frozen these may be.

Headlights & Snow Plows

Always turn on your headlights to make sure you can be seen by other drivers.  Remember to never pass a snow plow, the road condition ahead of a plow is almost always in worse condition.

Drive with Caution

Most importantly, if you don’t need to be on the road, stay home and avoid driving.  If you must get out, drive with caution and take your time.

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