Keep These Tips in Mind Next Time You Take Your Jeep Off-Road

October 2nd, 2018 by

A Jeep is the perfect vehicle to take you off-road with confidence, particularly if you opt for a Trail Rated model. To ensure you have fun off the road, your Jeep stays in great condition following your adventure, and you do not experience an injury along the way, keep some off-roading tips in mind. These apply to those heading off-road in a Jeep or any other SUV or off-road-friendly pickup.

Analyze the Terrain

While a Trail Rated Jeep can handle most things you throw its way because of its design, you still need to figure out the best way to control the vehicle. To get the safest experience, take the time to analyze obstacles before you reach them. If you get to a spot that looks particularly challenging, take a minute to get out of your SUV and scope out the terrain to figure out the best way to tackle it. Since you do not want to have to do this constantly, work on developing the ability to read the terrain as you drive along, which requires elevating your gaze and looking ahead. Whenever you reach water, however, get out of the vehicle to confirm its depth. The water can rise quickly in a matter of inches.

Know the Gears

When off-roading, you should be sure to put your Jeep or SUV in 4WD mode as soon as you hit the dirt. If you wait too long to put your vehicle into this mode, it can prove a nearly impossible task and by the time your rear wheels spin, you are likely stuck. For many trails, you will want to go a step further and use 4WD Low Range, which sends the engine power via an extra set of gears before bringing it to the wheels. These additional gears make it possible to increase torque at the wheels while driving slowly, which increases control as you ease over obstacles.

Bring the Right Supplies

No matter how many times you have taken your SUV or pickup off-road, you should never forget to bring the crucial recovery gear. Even the most experienced off-roaders will occasionally get stuck. Sometimes, just placing your floor mat underneath your tires will get you out, but this is not always enough. At the very least, keep a heavy-duty tow strap that has fabric loops and is about two inches wide. Ideally, you should also have an electric winch that meets your vehicle’s rating, especially if there will not be any other vehicles with you on your off-road adventure.

Just follow these tips and you are sure to enjoy your off-roading experience.

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