Is Your Auto Ready for Winter?

September 22nd, 2018 by

With November rolling in, it is only a matter of time before the first snowstorm hits Ohio. This is the perfect time to make sure your auto is ready to handle everything that winter has in store for it. Ensuring that your SUV, truck, car, or van is in top shape is essential before winter is in full swing. Then, you can drive with confidence on snowy or icy roads and do not have to worry about getting stranded in a snowstorm.

Start with Regular Maintenance

The first thing you should do to check if your auto is ready for the winter is to look at the maintenance schedule in your owner’s manual. This is the time to confirm that you are up to date on all the recommended regular maintenance from your vehicle’s manufacturer. If it is time to change the oil, rotate the tires, or perform other maintenance, take care of it before winter hits.

Inspect Your Defroster and Heater

Even if you are completely caught up on regularly scheduled maintenance, take some time to inspect the defroster, heater, and other components you plan to use during the winter. This can be as simple as turning on your auto and ensuring that every component seems to work properly. If you have heated seats or any other heated components, confirm they work, as well. When in doubt, have a trained mechanic confirm everything is functional and fix any problems.

Check the Battery

If your battery is at least a few years old, consider having a mechanic check it before winter arrives. The cold weather can be hard on your battery, so you should ensure that it is in top condition before the temperature drops below zero. You need special equipment to actually confirm the battery’s charge but can take care of basic maintenance yourself. Scrape away any corrosion from cable connections and posts, wipe down the surfaces, and retighten the connections.

Check and Replace Tires

Depending on the type of tires you have on your vehicle during the spring and fall, you might need to swap them out to get ready for the winter. Ensure your tires are designed for driving in freezing temperatures. If you already have the right tires on your auto, check for tread, tire pressure, and other issues, such as cupping or nicks on the sidewalls. Remember that your tires need to be in good shape to deliver the traction you require on icy roads.

When in doubt, have the technicians at Lebanon Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram inspect your auto to ensure it is ready to tackle the tough Ohio winter.

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