How to Prevent Your Canine from Accidentally Damaging Your Auto

October 10th, 2018 by

Your dog is part of your family, so you will not want to leave them behind when you go on an outing. Unfortunately, dogs can be a bit hard on vehicles, between shedding, drooling, and maybe even chewing on items when nervous during a car ride. However, you can prevent your canine from accidentally damaging your car, so it maintains its clean smell and appearance.

Get Seat Covers

Anytime you plan to take your pooch with you in your auto, make sure that they sit on top of a seat cover or a blanket. If you regularly bring your canine along for rides, consider just putting a seat cover over the back seats, so they have room to stretch out. If these trips are less frequent, keeping a designated blanket handy may be easier.

Using a seat cover or blanket will prevent shedding and slobber from getting on your car. Just remember that this solution will only work if you make sure your pooch stays in the covered area of your car.

Clean the Car Regularly

Even with a seat cover in place, there is a good chance that some of your dog’s fur will get to other areas of the car. If you take your pooch with you frequently, you should make a conscious effort to clean the interior of your auto regularly. This will minimize the accumulated fur and dirt on various surfaces, preventing damage from the buildup.

Clean Up Accidents Immediately

Supplement those regular, thorough cleanings by immediately cleaning up any spills or messes that your dog makes. Whether this is motion sickness or an accident, the mess will be harder to clean up the longer you wait.

Wipe Off Paws Before Entering

Get in the habit of always taking a few seconds to wipe off your dog’s paws before you let them go into your car. This will minimize the amount of dirt, mud, and other gunk they track into the vehicle. Think of it the same way that you brush off your shoes before getting in the car after tracking through dirt or snow.

Use Odor Neutralizers

Finally, consider using some sort of odor neutralizer. Even with regular cleanings, there will likely be some sort of lingering smell in the car if your dog is a regular passenger. You can neutralize this odor with an air freshener or some pet-safe carpet shampoo.

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