How to Prepare Your Auto for a Winter Road Trip

October 17th, 2018 by

With Thanksgiving and the winter holidays approaching, many drivers have a longer-than-normal trip ahead of them. Whether you are taking a winter road trip during winter vacation or just plan to drive an hour to a relative’s house for the holidays, you should take the time to make sure your auto is ready for your winter road trip. Stock it with the gear you need to make it through the Ohio winter and prevent getting lost or freezing on your road trip.

Take Care of Winter Safety Checks

You should have already taken care of your winter safety checks. However, if you have not done so, now is the chance. Check your windshield wipers, top off the windshield washer fluid, test the defrosters, check the tire pressure and tread, and make sure your lights and engine work properly. If you need help with a winter automotive check, have your mechanic take care of it for you.

Check Your Car Emergency Kit

Hopefully, you already have an emergency kit in your vehicle that includes winter-specific gear. If not, make sure that you put one in your auto before you head out on your winter road trip. Include basic car-repair supplies, such as jumper cables, duct tape, an ice scraper, and a brush.

Don’t forget the winter-specific items, such as kitty litter or sand to give you traction, a small shovel, and a blanket. Throw in tire chains depending on where your trip will take you. You also want flares and a flashlight on hand.

Then, add human-related basics, such as a first aid kit, food, water, medications, and maybe an extra phone charger. If your road trip involves multiple people, make sure there are enough of these supplies, particularly blankets and water, for everyone.

Grab Road Trip Essentials

Finally, prepare your car by loading it up with the items you need for a road trip. Make sure there is a paper map in your vehicle, so you will not have any issues if your auto’s navigation stops working and you leave your cell service zone. You will also want something to do during the drive, including music or audiobooks for the driver and other activities for kids, such as books or coloring supplies.

Plan out the route for your road trip ahead of time and check the weather forecast, so you know if you should prepare for obstacles, such as heavy snow storms.

Consider bringing your auto to your local dealership for a quick checkup before setting off on a road trip this winter, no matter how long the trip will be.

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