How long can you expect your car to last?

July 12th, 2018 by

There are few things more exciting than getting behind the wheel of brand new car. Smooth handling, fresh interior and the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your car is likely thousands of miles away from needing any maintenance. However, this new car feeling doesn’t last long, and depreciation sets in with every mile you drive, so exactly how long can you expect to have your new car?


On average an American will own around 6 to 12 cars in their lifetime with the average of a car on the road being around 11.4 years. While this is the average, individuals typically only keep new cars for around 6 years before they are either sold or are deemed undrivable. This is important to keep in mind when buying a used vehicle as well. But this is just part of the story as your individual needs and uses for your car may dramatically increase or decrease this timeline.

Factors Affecting Lifespan of Your Vehicle

Occupation: While some drivers will opt to keep their car in use for as long as possible, ignoring signs of cosmetic wear and tear, this isn’t an option for some people. If you have a job that involves your vehicle, you will need a car that points to being professionalism and success. This could easily mean swapping out your car every few years or so. Similarly, using a car or truck for construction work and long trips will often break down a vehicle faster even if appearance isn’t an issue.

Usage: Hauling heavy items daily, regular long road trips and other atypical use can all decrease the life of your vehicle. If you know you’ll have this kind of use for your vehicle, look for one that matches your needs (i.e. optimal fuel economy for long distance and/or heavy-duty trucks for hauling.)

Maintenance: committing to proper, regular maintenance on a vehicle can dramatically increase your vehicle’s lifespan and making it more enjoyable and safer to drive. Regularly changing fluids, checking tires and using a qualified mechanic are top ways of increasing your car’s longevity.

When is it not worth it to keep your car?

Though a qualified mechanic can do wonders with a vehicle, there are times when it simply isn’t worthwhile to keep a car. An easy example is when the cost of repair exceeds the bluebook value of the car. Similarly, if you can get a better, newer vehicle for less then you will save yourself money and frustration by upgrading.

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