Fall Car Care Checklist

September 6th, 2018 by

With summer winding down, it’s time to give our cars a little TLC after the road trips, dusty highways and scorching heat. To ensure your car is ready and able to meet the demands of the upcoming fall, take an afternoon to get these items checked off your car care to-do list this weekend:

  1. Be Proactive for the Cold Weather: While it might still be summer outside, those of us in Ohio know that winter isn’t too far behind. You can help get your car ready for the change by ensuring the antifreeze is either topped off or replaced. Antifreeze is an especially important part of car maintenance in cold climates and will help keep vital engine parts from freezing up.
  2. Change up Your Car Safety Kit: In summer, your main concern is usually having some sort of water source in the car for emergencies but in winter you will want to have extra clothing or blankets to stay warm in case you have a breakdown.
  3. Check Battery and Brakes: Your battery and brakes are responsible for the two most important functions of a car: going and stopping. After a long summer of driving, both of these items should be checked to ensure they’re in good working order.
  4. Make Sure your Tires Aren’t Tired: Tire health is important at all times of year, but in winter you need to be especially diligent in ensuring the treads and pressure are on point to combat icy road conditions. Cold weather also means your tires will lose pressure even faster than they do in hot weather, so this is something you may want to check several times throughout the season.
  5. Whip those Wiper Blades into Shape: During the clear, dry conditions of summer it’s easy to forget about your wiper blades at times but during autumn rains, they’re an integral part of what keeps you and your car safe. With Ohio winters occasionally turning harsh, it can be worth it to purchase wipers for extreme weather and also keep an eye on wiper fluid.

At Lebanon Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram dealership, we know that preparing your car for cold weather is the best way to prevent breakdowns, expensive repairs and other frustrations. However, if your car is getting older, requires too much maintenance or is beginning to present safety concerns, a new vehicle is the ultimate way to get ready for fall. For all your winter vehicle needs, check out our full selection of new and pre-owned vehicles.

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