Driving vs. Flying: Why You Should Hit the Open Road

August 24th, 2018 by

Yes, flying can be faster. Yes, it can be, occasionally, cheaper than paying for gas and accommodations on the way to far destinations. However, it can also be a security line nightmare fraught with confusion, hidden fees, lost luggage and frustration over unexpected delays. While flying, undoubtedly, is the right choice for overseas travel – when you’re planning a trip domestically, car travel is often far superior in every way.

If you’re sneaking in one last summer vacation, consider these benefits of driving before you book any plane tickets:

  1. Easier Scheduling: Last minute errands you need to run before leaving? Realize you forgot to pack something? Desperately need to stretch your legs after sitting too long? If you’re flying, any one of these things can present a real problem and discomfort but when you drive, you have control over when you leave, stop and take a rest.
  2. See More: While the view from a plane window can be fun, it doesn’t compare to having the chance to stop at interesting roadside attractions that catch your attention. Why only see your single destination when you can discover so many other things on the way?
  3. Room for you and Your Luggage: Even the best seat can get uncomfortable, but a plane seat, where you pretty much have to remain stationary is far more cramped and claustrophobic than a car seat. Additionally, planes put far more restrictions on what you can and can’t bring with you.
  4. Ability to Take Pets: Yes, you can take many animals on flights, but do you really want to? Studies have shown that air travel for pets can be stressful and even dangerous. Taking your four-legged friend in a car is safer and a much more pleasant experience for everyone.
  5. Finances: While a flight might be cheaper for a single person, when you are travelling as a couple or as a family, those additional plane tickets are likely to exceed the amount you pay on gas and accommodations. Other issues may change this somewhat, but when you factor in the other benefits, driving still comes out as the winner.
  6. Flying Frustrations: Between flight delays, weather interference and trying to get through security, flying simply isn’t fun most of the time. You are also unable to communicate during a flight, won’t be able to use your computer unless you’re willing to pay for wifi and are likely to be faced with a wide range of other annoyances due to sharing a tiny space with too many people.

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