Car Trends for 2019

January 7th, 2019 by

Tech. Tech. Tech. Just like in so many other industries, the automotive sector is set to see an expansion of new, smart technology along with other trends to meet consumers’ changing needs and preferences. Autonomous technology, artificial intelligence, car sharing, and much more will all impact how we use and purchase our cars this year and into the future. Whether you’re planning on purchasing a vehicle this year or just want to keep up on the latest trends, here are our top picks for car trends set to hit the roads this year:

Lighter and More Efficient Cars

Instead of adding features to make cars seem lighter, manufacturers are actually creating lighter cars which will make them more fuel efficient. Notable examples for 2019 include the Suzuki Swift Sport and the BMW 3 Series which will each drop around 150 and 175 lbs. respectively. More importantly, a recent study showed that lighter cars are safer than heavier models.

Shared Vehicles

As technology and ride sharing services have made it possible for people to use their own vehicles less and less, sharing cars is quickly set to become a popular trend. Instead of letting your personal vehicle sit in your driveway, apps like Turo will allow you to loan out your car when you don’t need it. The app insures your car and provides roadside assistance to ensure you and everyone renting your car are protected.

Paint that Can Keep Your Car Cooler

BASF, the German chemical company and automotive supplier behind many innovative paint technologies, predicts that we will see an increase in paint finishes that help prevent heat build-up. These paints will be especially popular in warmer climates and can help to increase fuel efficiency.

Electric Cars Get a Boost

With concerns for the environment and the cost savings of fuel-efficiency rising, electric car popularity is going strong and increasing. Along with seeing more electric and hybrid vehicles on the road we are also likely to see an increase in charging stations and more companies investing in this technology.

Choosing Your New Vehicle in 2019

What are you looking for in a vehicle this year? With so many new options, it can be hard to choose which automotive solutions are right for you and your lifestyle. At Lebanon Chrysler Dodge, we have both new and pre-owned vehicles with the latest features at competitive prices to make your car shopping easier this year. Visit or contact us today to learn more about financing options, sales and more.

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