Best Time to Buy a New Car

February 9th, 2018 by

Few things beat that new car smell or the excitement of driving a new vehicle, but when’s the best time to buy? As with any major purchase, buying a new car is best done when it’s not an emergency. Waiting until your car is beyond reasonable repair will leave you at the mercy of whatever car is available right then at whatever price it’s at. With the right timing, you can get a better deal and more of the features you want. For your best bet at a great deal, here are some tips to follow when choosing when to buy:

Opt for a Weekday

A Saturday might be more convenient but popping in after work on a Wednesday could gain you a better deal. Oftentimes dealerships aren’t as busy during the week and a salesperson may be more willing to work with you.

Buy Towards the End of the Month

Similarly, dealerships often offer deals at the end of the month to gain a few last sales on the books. Double up and choose a weekday at the end of the month for an even better chance of a deal.

For Best Deals on Current Models

For the best deals on the current year’s models, you’ll want to buy in late summer or early fall when these models first go on sale. While you won’t get the newest technology the second it rolls off the assembly line, you will get it within a few months of that and get a much better deal in the process.

Consider Buying in Late Fall

Not concerned with getting the absolute latest technology fast? If you wait until mid to late fall, you’ll get even better deals on closeout models. However, don’t wait until winter because old models are likely to be cleared out and only newer and pricier models will remain.

Ultimately, the best time to buy is when you feel you’re ready. If you’ve been dealing with an old clunker and aren’t enjoying driving it anymore then it’s time to start looking. Putting up with a car you hate will make getting to work, running errands and everything else you need your car for that much more difficult. More importantly, if you wait, you’ll increase the risk of getting into a serious jam and paying more for last minute car repairs.

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