Benefits of Sunday Drives

April 24th, 2018 by

Remember when you first started driving? The excitement of being behind the wheel and the thrill of discovering new places all on your own was often enough of a draw to get you out of the house any day. As we get older and use driving only to get to places like work or the store, we lose that thrill, that magic. But there’s a way to get it back!

Often referred to as a Sunday drive, this form of recreation is all about riding around for the simple joy of driving and there’s no need to limit it to the weekends! With so many places to explore and enjoy in Lebanon, Ohio, you can choose a different path for every beautiful spring and summer day while getting a mini-vacation for little expense, and there’s other benefits too:

Discover new Places

While a recreational drive is not intended to have a specific destination, that doesn’t mean you can’t stop at a store, restaurant or produce stand that looks interesting on the way. This is the most exciting part of a Sunday drive; there are no rules, no schedule and no limits to what you can choose to do.

Explore Your Community

All too often, we get complacent with the place we live and forget to enjoy the little things about our neighborhood, city and state. But, no matter where you live, there’s always something amazing and new to discover when you’re driving. This may be a local fair, a new shopping center, a quirky restaurant or any of dozens of things unique to your area.

Some or our favorite discoveries from joyriding in Lebanon, Ohio include:

Cheap Vacation

Skip the hassles and expense of hotel rooms, plane tickets and packing your luggage with a recreational drive. Without the stress of planning and the high cost of a regular vacation, a nice drive offers a way to relax without breaking the bank.

Clearing Your Head

Consider taking a drive on your own to relax and recharge. If you’ve ever zoned out on a drive and lost track of time, you can see how driving can help slow down your thinking and give your brain a rest. There are even ways to meditate while driving that you can try during a Sunday drive or during a long commute.

Want to start Sunday drive season off right? Nothing makes the drive better than a vehicle you love to drive and can trust to be reliable. At Lebanon Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram dealership, we have a full range of new and pre-owned vehicles to bring the excitement back to all your driving.