Auto High Beams

December 8th, 2018 by

Auto high beams, high-beam assist, there are many different ways car manufacturers tout the AHB’s. This is a cool feature for dark country roads and other roads with minimal lighting. High beams are a must-have and AHB’s dim automatically when oncoming traffic approaches. Many times drivers forget to dim their lights as traffic approaches, but AHB systems do that for you.  Rather than flicking your lights on and off manually, the driver can opt to put their high beams on automatic by pushing a button on their dashboard or steering wheel, at which point the system takes over.

The AHB system works by detecting forms of light, including headlights, tail lights, street lights and more.  The system works when a forward-looking camera is triggered by lights.  This camera is usually mounted in the rearview mirror.  When the camera detects lights approaching it automatically shuts down the high beams.

Dodge Rams have the Automatic High Beams feature, allowing for drivers to have a more comfortable and stress-free driving experience.

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