5 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Car Care

February 21st, 2019 by

5 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Car Care

Whether you’re a die-hard car enthusiast or someone who sees your car as a mode of transportation and nothing more, we all still have to take the time to ensure we care for our vehicles. But even those of us who love our cars, might still not be caring for them the right way. To ensure your car is able to serve you better, we’ve compiled a list of the top things everyone gets wrong about car care and maintenance:

Not Cleaning the Interior Often Enough

Cleaning a car’s interior not only makes your car look and smell nicer, it also helps to preserve interior materials. When you use conditioning products specifically designed for a car’s interior, they can keep leather seats and plastic elements from cracking, drying out and looking worn.

Using the Wrong Tire Pressure

Tire pressure is important for so many things, it’s hard to write about car safety, fuel efficiency or car care without talking about it. So, then, why is it so many people get the tire pressure wrong?

The primary way people get this wrong is by inflating their tires to the maximum pressure. This number can be found on a tire’s sidewall, but it is not necessarily the best pressure. Instead, you should consult your car’s manual (or sometimes printed on the door jamb or on the inside of the fuel hatch door) to see the recommended tire pressure. This number represents the amount of pressure the manufacturer has deemed the best for safety and other advantages.


Wasting Gas by Letting a Car “Warm Up”

Simply put, letting a car warm up before you drive it has no benefits. The idea behind this originally was that your car performs and gets better mileage when the engine is warm. While this was true for older cars which warmed up more quickly while idling, newer models will warm up just as quickly when being driven. Driving off immediately will save you time, fuel and wear and tear on your engine.


Changing the Oil too Often

While there are many things that car owners likely need to do more often, changing oil isn’t one of them. Though this is an important step in car maintenance, the old standard used to call for a change every 3,000 miles. Most cars can easily go three or even four times longer than this. Additionally, if your car has an oil monitoring system, you can wait until it informs you that your oil needs to be changed.


Not Shopping Around for Maintenance and Repair Work

Depending on who you ask about where to get work done, you will hear “dealerships are always more expensive” or “you have to get maintenance work done at a dealership or else you’ll void your warranty.”


These statements may seem like you can’t win but neither are completely true. In most cases, your warranty is not affected as long as the maintenance is kept up to date. You just need to make sure you keep any receipts and other records.


Additionally, there are times when a dealership will be the same price or cheaper than an independent repair shop. This is because the cost of parts is likely to vary more between independent shops even though the labor itself might be cheaper. This difference could make shopping around worth it.


Making Maintenance Easier

Newer vehicles have a variety of features that ensure they are easier to maintain. If your older vehicle is starting to become more trouble to keep up, it may be time to consider a new or certified pre-owned one.  At Lebanon Chrysler Dodge our selection of  new and pre-owned vehicles have a wealth of features to make your maintenance and repairs easier. Come in or call to learn about our newest deals and models.